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Relevant ad displayed to a specific audience brought an increase of 1284%

About Client:

Yves Rocher is a French cosmetics company that has been producing cosmetics for 60 years. In Poland, it is one of the most searched brands of cosmetics, known and appreciated especially among natural cosmetics and botanical cosmetics.

The Challenge:

Yves Rocher has hired us to build up its growth based on remarketing. Remarketing activities for such a brand are absolutely crucial to the overall sales effect, as the development strategy is based on the loyalty of those and repeated purchases of satisfied consumers. Our duty would be to prepare a campaign that would allow for the management of the sales potential of those already  purchasing, at the same time taking into account the  need to constantly expand the number of new customers.

We are proud of:

  • an increase by 1156% in the number of transactions with a 1284% increase in revenue in October to December 2017 and in the corresponding period in 2018
  • a 40.96% decrease in the rejection rate compared to the fourth quarter of 2017 with the fourth quarter of 2018
  • a 736% increase in assisted conversions with a 761% increase in value between October and December 2018 compared to October-December 2017

Our actions:

We have applied multi-level remarketing to surround our customers with ads. Multi-level remarketing uses a wide range of different campaigns and ads with different targeting to create a “surround effect.” Our position was simple – so as not to lose customers, we should present them with the right ad where it is currently located, making it easier to finalize the purchase. However, this required redesigning existing campaigns and this was where analytical magic, or strategy in particular, happened. We based it on five pillars:

We based it on five pillars:

  • dynamic remarketing – by presenting customers with the products tailored to their preferences (based on in-store behaviour),
  • Gmail audience lists – segmenting users according to different criteria related to their purchasing behaviour,
  • broad remarketing on the ad network based on session quality and the likelihood of finalization of conversion – focusing the strongest effectiveness-oriented efforts where there were the best chances of success,
  • segmentation of audience lists based on demographic criteria, involvement, type of content viewed and other elements to accurately determine purchasing intentions,
  • Search-engine based remarketing is based on bid modifiers for audience lists, allowing for a display of the ad to a wide range of people who are searching for both brand and generic phrases.

The result:

By rebuilding the campaigns run by the customer’s previous agency, we achieved 1156% more transactions with a 1284% increase in revenue. The ad linking has improved the rejection rate by 40.96%. According to the conversion probability report, we have noted an increase by 39.20%.

Our remarketing efforts have improved other sources as well, leading to purchases. In this respect, assisted conversions increased by 736% and their value increased by 761%.

Search-engine based remarketing (RLSA) was particularly important – we have significantly improved its efficiency: the conversion factor has increased by more than 20%, the average probability of conversion by 5.92%, and the rejection rate has decreased by more than 53%. At the same time, we have doubled the number and transaction value of these activities, and in the case of branded RLSA, we introduced an increase in the number and revenue from transactions at 152.84% and 157.48% respectively.


We are comparing the period between October-December2018 with the corresponding period of the previous year, when the campaign was conducted by the previous agency. These are the months of key importance for the Customer – the cosmetics are one of the most frequently purchased gifts both during Black Friday and before Christmas itself.

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