Shopping campaigns (PLA) on Google

Consumers prefer Google Shopping campaigns. Use it!

A consumer without Google is like lacking a hand – for example, as many as 45% of consumers use the search engine* before deciding on TV or laptop purchase! At this point, you may arrive, not necessarily on a white horse, but definitely in the right place. Not hidden among ordinary text links, but above them, catching the eyes with images and prices.

The effectiveness

of Google Shopping advertising outperforms the results of text based ads by 25%**

* IPSOS research for Google, “Shopping paths for Polish consumers”
** Based on a comparison of the e-commerce conversion rate of text ads and product ads on Google in Google Ads accounts.

Google Shopping is a type of campaign that allows you to distinguish your offer from other promoted ones and helps consumers quickly find their way among search results (we prefer image above text). When setting it up, however, it is easy to stumble and make mistakes that will translate into a loss of profits. For example, if we hadn’t ensured a good quality product file, our customer would not have achieved a 453% increase in impressions.

We have already protected dozens of companies against such traps, among them is the Polish branch of one of the world’s largest footwear manufacturers and a producer of a well-known women’s underwear brand. For them we have built campaigns with rates adjusted to types of queries, user activity on the site, the effectiveness of Google Shopping campaigns on various devices. We used network capabilities to the max, combining them with dynamic remarketing. As a result, graphic campaign reinforcement appeared on partner websites of the Google advertising network.

Leave the dirty work to us – we deal with issues which could compromise the campaign:

  • we help to prepare a data file, verify its correctness, indicate what’s worth changing to increase the effectiveness of activities (what your product should be called, what attributes should it have, how to distinguish seasonal products and promotions)
  • we make sure that the rejected product feed is as small as possible and that the campaign reach is not reduced
  • we set up a Google Merchant Center account
  • we set up standard product campaigns (formerly PLA) and extremely effective smart campaigns as well as dynamic remarketing, if necessary
  • we improve the feed in terms of product prioritization for customers who have used automated store platform solutions
  • we also set up seller ratings that allow you to get positive ratings and thus distinguish ads on the search network

Our results are the outcome of manual settings, feed optimization and Google learning mechanisms. That’s why after launching the campaign, you can simply  enjoy watching your sales grow ?

Let's estimate what effects you can gain from aGoogle product campaign

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