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Graphic advertising on an advertising network that gains valuable movement and sells effectively. Discover the true possibilities of GDN.

We love the Google Display Network for the opportunities it creates: it lets you fully spread your wings in reach building ads, but also allows for high precision in reaching a specific target group.
10 razy większy CTR
w kampaniach w sieci reklamowej Google niż w reklamie na Facebooku

Thanks to the fact that Google’s partners include the largest websites, the most popular applications and thousands of themed enthusiast sites, well-configured and designed ads can effectively change users into customers.

The starting point for building a Google Display Network campaign is to ensure traffic adapted as best as possible to your recipients. We create precise targets, combining interests, website topics, keywords, custom lists of recipients with similar interests, lists similar to remarketing lists, demographic data, locations. Acting blindly is not our style. Before we choose who to target with your ads, we analyze data from Google Analytics to adapt assumptions to the specifics of yor business and those who may be interested in your product. 

Conversion data allows us to make the most of Google’s intelligent strategies, and the use of flexible ads – to reach every recipient within the advertising network with the right message. It’s not magic – it’s data that rocks.

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Reading our Clients' data, we come across various challenges - thanks to our skills we manage to come out on top. Learn the stories of our Clients.

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