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How effectively do you use remarketing to strengthen the thread between you and the consumer?

The consumer has made a move: he visited your site, clicked on an ad, and maybe even added a product to the cart and … did not go further – he did not finish the action. They established a connection with your brand, you have knowledge of their activities – it’s up to you whether you will get them to follow the thread to their goal (making a purchase) at a lower advertising cost.
higher return on investment from remarketing campaigns*

* Based on a comparison of the return on investment of the campaign – with the same parameters – targeted at new recipients and remarketing lists.

Remarketing works great in the most competitive industries, as seen in the following case study. Our campaigns are based on path length analysis and customer life cycle analysis, so they are enhanced by knowledge of user behavior.

A badly configured campaign can give the impression that remarketing is annoying. That is why we attach so much importance to data analysis. We draw conclusions and rely on experience – as a result, we can use remarketing to gain satisfied customers for the companies working with us. Last year have we led to 686,945 remarketing conversions, which  accounted for 46.5% of all conversions.

The are many possibilities of using a remarketing campaign:

  • if you want to provide a good offer to those who made contact with your service and, for example, clicked on a specific button,
  • if you want to “catch” a user in the process of obtaining information about a product, when close to a purchase decision,
  • if you want make a non-invasive reappearance in the space of those who have already bought your product,
  • if you want to remind consumers which products they viewed in your store,
  • if you want to reach out to those who interacted with a video on your YouTube channel,
  • if you want to show your ad to those who left their e-mail address in your database,
  • if you want to direct a message to a specific demographic who visited your website, e.g. women aged 18-35, interested in fashion, who opened the contact page, this will be a good choice,
  • if you want to use machine learning to select a list of recipients with the highest conversion probability.

Relevant ad displayed to a specific audience brought an increase of 1284%

Based on our in-depth data analysis, precise audience segmentation has raised Yves Rocher’s remarketing to a higher level. Thanks to the use of the “surround effect”, remarketing activities have maximally facilitated the finalization of the purchase by adapting the advertising message to the time, place and preferences of the user.

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