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Discover the power of social media advertising campaigns.

Through a wide choice of advertising formats, advanced machine learning algorithms, and precise targeting of potential customers, Meta Ads (formerly Facebook Ads) hands you the perfect advertising tools to grow your business and always be where your customers are. By working across the entire Meta Ads ecosystem, which connects Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network, you can reach dozens of millions of users who are waiting to learn about your offer. Are you up for this?

More than 20 million

Polish users to whom you can show your ad

53% more conversions

thanks to easy communication via Messenger

Over 60% increase

in product interest thanks to video advertising on Facebook

Where to look for customers if not on social media? Facebook, despite its age, is still one of the most popular social media platforms. Only in Poland it is actively used by more than 64% of users – that’s 24,201,800 people to whom you can show your offer. On Instagram you will find more than 8.2 million recipients, and Messenger is actively used by as many as 6.5 million people. With Meta Ads, you can reach them at every stage of the purchasing process. Sounds good, right?

Meta Ads – why is it worth it?

  • High visibility – your ads will appear in the places your customers visit most often (e.g. news stream or Stories)
  • Detailed selection of the target audience – who is your ideal audience? You can choose from a range of characteristics including age, gender, interests, and location, to ensure that the message is targeted to correct users
  • Budget saving – you only pay for the ads to be shown to the selected audience
  • Multiple touchpoints – Meta Ads work at every stage of the purchase path, ensuring that your customers come into contact with your ad multiple times, significantly increasing the chance of conversion
  • Plurality of advertising formats – combine different formats in several campaigns or use
    alternating images, videos, carousels, or promotional offers, and your ads will never get boring for your audience

Conquer social media with us!

You can use free guides on how to advertise on Facebook and rely on luck to make it work. You can search for effective methods yourself, by trial and error, and burn through the budget. You can also
take advantage of our support and chase the competition away.

At Data.rocks, we avoid a template approach – we go beyond the standard and look for solutions that work for you and translate into real results in terms of conversions.

What do you gain with us?

  • Effective budget management – we are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of Meta Ads, so we will protect you from misplacing your advertising funds
  • A customised communication strategy – we will find a common language with your customers so that they stay with you for a long time
  • New pathways to reach potential customers – we understand how algorithms work and know how to search effectively for new customers at the lowest possible cost
  • Help with interpreting the data – we analyse your data on an ongoing basis, look at it from different perspectives and help you understand its real value, so you can be confident that our actions are beneficial to you

Our job is to grow your business, which is why we work in multiple ways – combining reach and conversion-oriented campaigns.

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