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How do you intend to use the "YouTube shopping effect"?

The second most popular search engine after Google is … YouTube. 20.2 million Poles use it every month. It is also the largest television broadcaster with the lowest advertising costs!
Even 0.01 PLN
for watching the video
in an In-Stream ad for clicks from your ad to your website
charged only in case of viewing the entire ad or 30 sec. of a longer video

If you think this is a platform mainly with funny videos that you can’t squeeze out sales from, what would you say to the fact that 85% of sports fans watch videos about a given product on YouTube before making a sports purchase. Not your industry? Ask us about a different one – the numbers will open your eyes to the possibilities: it’s the perfect space to influence purchasing decisions.

It is there – not on standard television – that consumers search for answers to specific questions bothering them at the moment. They watch tips on how to do something, reviews, product unboxing before deciding to buy, movie previews before they see them.

 We are able to effectively use these moments to the benefit of our clients, directing the attention of a reasonably chosen group of recipients to their brands. You don’t have to be YouTuber to use YouTube for marketing.

An opportunity for effective promotion is displaying promotional videos with content that attracts your potential customers, focused on solving a specific issue. With such motivation, the YouTube audience will be perfect both when you focus on scale and when you need to be precise and reach a specific target group.

Think of the opportunities created by new features and formats available on the site, supporting both sales and branding.

With them, you can:

  • Achieve a specific result, e.g. sign-ups using YouTube for Action ads
  • Measure the effects of an image campaign using a survey using Brand Lift
  • Surprise your viewers with your Bumper Ads – a 6-second non-negligible ad, which is settled in a per thousand views model
  • Conquer the mobile space with Out-Stream ads – dedicated to obtaining huge reach on mobile devices
  • Increase the number of channel subscribers through promotion using the TrueView Discovery format

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