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Increased audience engagement with Video Ad Sequencing based on Brand Lift Study results

About Client:

Topestetic online store is the market leader offering dermocosmetics of the world’s best brands. It offers professional advice of cosmetologists in the field of product selection. More than 80,000 customers served, more than 200,000 parcels sent.


Since the end of 2018, Topestetic has focused on the development of the video campaign. The key goal to achieve was to increase brand recognition among the target group and at the same time increase user engagement in the presented video content.

We are proud of:

  • reaching the recipients at more affordable costs – more than twice lower average CPV (0.02 vs 0.05),
  • increased audience engagement compared to standard TrueView In-stream video ads, as evidenced by a higher VTR (viewing rate). Sequential ads (Video Ad Sequencing) obtained twice as much VTR as the previously conducted TrueView In-stream campaigns (VTR – 39% vs 18%).

Our actions:

The first YouTube campaign was conducted in spring 2019 using TrueView In-stream and Bumper Ads. These activities allowed us to understand what path of customer engagement in the beauty industry looks like.

The conclusions we drew from the first video campaigns were used in the next steps. Action plan was established in the autumn. Instead of trying to reach as many people as possible, we focused only on those who had the best chance to book with our client’s brand. We decided to use a sequential campaign with video ads, combining longer TrueView In-stream ads (15 and 30 seconds) and 6-second Bumper Ads. The aim was to increase audience engagement. The main KPI for us was the viewing rate (VTR).

We launched a test campaign TrueView In-stream, where we used all the advertising creations created by the customer. We conducted a Brand Lift Study to identify the videos with the greatest potential. Based on the research, we built the structure of the Video Ad Sequencing campaign, where we showed users a series of videos in the order we specified. A combination of In-Stream ads (15 and 30 seconds) and Bumper Ads (6 seconds) was used. The broadcast lasted six weeks.

We focus on optimizing activities according to business KPIs in cooperation with Topestetic. It is a continuous optimization in real time. Sequential advertising allowed us to carry out this mission also in image communication from the entire video ecosystem.

We decided ourselves which films (advertisements) we want to show in the first place and which (depending on the action performed by the recipient – watched, did not watch), we will show in the next step. This gave a better result than launching separate campaigns in different formats with random rotation of ads. We had an impact on what users were watching and in what order they were doing it. On an ongoing basis, we were able to monitor the engagement of the recipients, track the VTR key indicator for us.

The whole activity was carried out in cooperation with the Google team and was part of the JBP strategy developed by Google.


The combination of the TrueView campaign and Bumper Ads was an apt option that not only helped to reach the right audience, but also to engage them. As a result, we managed to achieve twice the viewing rate. Thanks to the use of sequential ads, we strengthened the message, we were able to communicate more content to the audience, without losing their attention and commitment (longer videos are less engaging, they are not watched to the end). Through sequential broadcasting of subsequent creations, the campaign built history, curiosity and engagement among users.

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