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Your sales depend on how you use these 2 mobile hours

48% of Poles spend 2 hours* a day with eyes on their phones. We talk, scroll social networks, read messages, watch videos and buy things with increasing frequency. You have the chance to use the time consumers spend in front of their smartphones and turn it into sales thanks to mobile campaigns. Mobile campaigns work great e.g. in the field of beauty. We helped a client from this industry achieve:
a 40%
improvement in conversion rate
a 303%
increase in website traffic

* „POLSKA.JES.MOBI” report.

We efficiently direct traffic to mobile websites or provide a telephone connection. This is particularly important in the context of growing confidence in purchases made on smartphones – we use increasingly better devices, stores are rebuilding their mobile versions, and payment services provide security. By increasing the intensity of mobile operations now, you can get ahead of the competition.

In each mobile campaign we carefully follow the entire path from phone to fixed conversion – purchase, contract signing, phone call – and we combine this data with information on the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns. Based on cross-device tracking, we are able to identify a purchase that has been made in an online store after prior consumer contact with mobile advertising, e.g. when viewing a product in a brick and mortar store and checking online offers, looking for opinions. We can also observe conversions achieved on phone orders using call tracking from a website number.

Thanks to time-based monitoring we know which moments are crucial and which campaign elements need to be changed – during the campaign, not after it’s over. Quick response translates into results.

We focused on mobile: Within two years, revenue from smartphones increased by 475.31%

How can the changes in consumer trends and demographics be used to develop the store (customers who recently celebrated their 18th birthday are 25 years old today, then 25-year-olds are now in their thirties)? We found the greatest potential for growth from mobile devices.

Let's check how much your sales from mobile ads can increase

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We focused on mobile: Within two years, revenue from smartphones increased by 475.31%
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