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Your app will lose right at the start if you don't help it get into the top 10 with an ad

2.5 million – that is how many applications there are on Google Play, 2.1 million on the App Store. However, space for them in the user’s life is limited. If your application is to be discovered – you care about high downloads numbers – there is one solution: a mobile campaign focused on installing the application.
of a financial app thanks to our two-month campaign

On our phones we have up to several dozen apps installed, during a day we use about 10 of them*.

* App Annie report, “Spotlight on Consumer App Usage”.

To reach this lucky 10, you need well-configured ads that will show up in the right context and prompt customers to find your solution useful at any given time.

If you are struggling with another problem: users not using your application after downloading it, the desired effect can be achieved with a campaign focused on activating them.

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