Our Team

At data.rocks your campaigns and analytics are supervised by professionals and enthusiasts who understand your business. We look at it globally, but we do not forget about an individual approach. We go beyond the schemes and look for the best solutions that will work specifically for your company.

We could lie that work is all that we live, but we are not robots 😉 By implementing your goals, we also find time to develop our passions and interests. It is this balance that is one of the secrets of our effectiveness.

Get to know us closer!

  1. Maciej Lewiński Maciej Lewiński
    Maciej Lewiński Co-founder

    They call him the Adam Małysz of Polish marketing, because he achieves results that few people could repeat. He is from Poznań and his passion is to spend money economically on marketing activities, not to smoke them in the campfire where he likes to spend his free time.

  2. Rafał Rybarski Rafał Rybarski
    Rafał Rybarski Co-founder

    Uncompromising in the search for solutions and leading the Team to the goal. He draws his energy not from food, but from books, which he devours in kilograms. He burns the excess calories on the basketball court and playing long hours of board games.

  3. Paweł Adamiec Paweł Adamiec
    Paweł Adamiec Head of Strategy & Team Leader

    Ads virtuoso with analytical fierceness, privately for many years enjoying beating his neighbours with various medieval murder tools. He successfully turns his passion for strategy into the satisfaction of even the most demanding Customers.

  4. Kamil Bernard Kamil Bernard
    Kamil Bernard Team Leader

    Kamil... also known as Berni. He's been involved in online marketing for years. SEM specialist and Team Leader with a passion for perfection. Privately, a fan of bikes. It fills his free time.

  5. Rafał Kowalewski Rafał Kowalewski
    Rafał Kowalewski Team Leader

    Father - this is not only a nickname in the Rugby Club Poznań, but also the most important role that he plays in private life, as well as in data.rocks, where he is one of the Team Leaders. For over a dozen years, he has been engaged in advertising Google Ads and is developing together with the data.rocks company, to which he has been faithful since its creation, but his hobbies vary depending on the current mood: football, running, rugby, chess, j-pop, climbing...

  6. Katarzyna Majchrzak Katarzyna Majchrzak
    Katarzyna Majchrzak Team Leader

    At work, I make sure that you listen to what your statistics say in Google Analytics and do not force them to compliment you. I consistently and persistently ensure that your actions are consistent with reliable data. In my spare time, I switch to airplane mode and fulfill dreams of distant lands. I talk to people, admire the sunsets, test the local cuisine and explore the local vineyards. I get endorphins every day while I'm running.

  7. Ewa Skowrońska Ewa Skowrońska
    Ewa Skowrońska Team Leader

    A Google Ads specialist for a few good years. Interest in marketing began with advertising on YouTube :-) The sales funnel as my best friend. In my free time, apart from my laptop and charts, I like enjoying the beauty of nature, climbing mountain peaks and contemplating art, and sometimes creating it.

  8. Jadwiga Bielówka-Kulpa Jadwiga Bielówka-Kulpa
    Jadwiga Bielówka-Kulpa SEM Specialist

    I have been associated with internet marketing since 2020. I am constantly deepening my knowledge and skills. I owe the very rapid development to regularity and commitment to clients' projects. I am constantly looking for new experiences, also in my private life, which is why I love traveling. I try to spend my free time actively - in the summer I go cycling and walking, in the winter I focus on a book or a TV series.

  9. Filip Czerniak Filip Czerniak
    Filip Czerniak New Business Manager

    A person who loves people (and animals). Connected to working with clients, strategic consulting, and the joint search for the best solutions for over a decade. In his free time, he loves to get lost in a gripping crime novel or self-development books, and if those moments are a bit longer, he explores new places on Earth.

  10. Wiktor Dobek Wiktor Dobek
    Wiktor Dobek Paid Social Specialist

    Wiktor is a traveler at heart who loves to discover new places and cultures. As a Meta Ads specialist, he is dedicated to working with clients, but he also devotes a lot of attention to traveling, which serves as a constant source of inspiration and personal growth for him.

  11. Rafał Galuska Rafał Galuska
    Rafał Galuska SEM Specialist

    I've been involved in SEM and e-Commerce for over 5 years. As it's commonly known, work isn't the only thing that matters in life. In my free time, I take great pleasure in physical exertion. I love running on flat terrain, but I don't shy away from longer trail runs in the mountains. I also add cycling and swimming to my physical activities. In my spare time, I enjoy getting on a plane and traveling. After exploring interesting places, I visit local restaurants for some practical menu reconnaissance. A fan of learning the Spanish language.

  12. Aleksandra Görlich Aleksandra Görlich
    Aleksandra Görlich Analytics Specialist

    Specializing in Google Analytics since 2017. I tackle its technical intricacies and delve into the workings of the Google ecosystem, which functions like a constantly moving clock mechanism. I share my expertise by implementing configurations, training clients, and publishing articles in industry media. Privately, I'm a lover of travel, art, and literature.

  13. Agata Gryszkiewicz Agata Gryszkiewicz
    Agata Gryszkiewicz SEM Specialist

    Associated with marketing since 2019. It was a twist of fate that brought her into the world of Google Ads. Despite having completed psychological studies, she decided to stay here. The gym is her second home, and in her free time, she loves taking walks with her dog. She's also passionate about human relationships.

  14. Renata Jędrasiak Renata Jędrasiak
    Renata Jędrasiak SEM Specialist

    With internet marketing, which has become my passion, I have been involved for over 10 years. I have taken on many tasks in this field, but ultimately, my love for managing Google Ads campaigns prevailed. For me, it's not just about advertising campaigns, but fascinating challenges that I face with full commitment. In my free time, I relax during long walks with an audiobook or podcast. On warm days, I enjoy spending time in the garden, holding a good book in my hand.

  15. Olga Kaliska Olga Kaliska
    Olga Kaliska Senior SEM & Analytics Specialist

    An orderly marketer with a passion for audits. She is an Iberianist and translator by education. Privately, she is a lover of RPG games, Latin dances and long tours with a podcast on her ears. Favourite places in the world - Catalonia and Silesia. In digital marketing, she likes the need to learn as well as bars, tables and charts.

  16. Daniel Kruszewski Daniel Kruszewski
    Daniel Kruszewski SEM Specialist

    He has been associated with SEM since 2021. Programming takes up most of his free time. Searching for new solutions and combining the code with Google Ads - optimization and automation is, according to him, a combination worthy of Ads & Analytics.

  17. Marcin Knopek Marcin Knopek
    Marcin Knopek SEM Specialist

    Relies on combining data with intuition, which rarely lets him down. He excels at getting out of tricky situations. He can't stand chaos. His greatest joy comes from achieving a goal previously set with the client.

  18. Aleksandra Kułakowska Aleksandra Kułakowska
    Aleksandra Kułakowska Account Manager

    Google Ads specialist, as she says about herself - she fell into the world of Ads and disappeared ;). She gained experience in marketing while studying, which was also related to it. At work, she values ​​creativity above all. She is an individualist and also approaches each client the same way. In her free time, she likes to explore Netflix algorithms ;), and to stay healthy, she puts on gloves and spends time on the mat in the company of a box bag.

  19. Julia Laskowska Julia Laskowska
    Julia Laskowska Senior SEM Specialist

    Working on Google Ads campaigns is interesting, creative and dynamic. It requires great vigilance, often quick response, is a challenge that, when reaching the intended goal, gives great satisfaction and a sense of agency. Privately, I love the mind of C.G. Jung, a representative of depth psychology, and chess. When the game starts, all that matters is defending my kingdom and matting the opponent's king.

  20. Judyta Lis-Pałka Judyta Lis-Pałka
    Judyta Lis-Pałka Senior SEM Specialist

    She has been associated with Google Ads for 4 years, she is excited about new challenges in the SEM area. An enthusiast of people, animals, travel and books. In her spare time, she roams the Polish mountains, reads a book with a cat on her knees, and goes on bike trips. Travel gives her taste and colour in life. She doesn't like to stand still, because, as people say, Copernicus didn't move the Earth to make us stand still now!

  21. Małgorzata Mydło Małgorzata Mydło
    Małgorzata Mydło Senior SEM Specialist

    She has been associated with Google Ads for 6 years. Accurate and consistent in actions aimed at achieving business goals of her clients. Her free time is filled with family trips and playing golf.

  22. Katarzyna Oleksiak Katarzyna Oleksiak
    Katarzyna Oleksiak SEM Specialist

    In love with the Ads at first sight. Campaigns - creating, running, improving. Optimization on request - without an order either.

  23. Łukasz Poloczek Łukasz Poloczek
    Łukasz Poloczek SEM Specialist

    After 8 years of creating illuminated advertisements, he switched to internet marketing. He brought with him the precision that is required in both industries. In his free time, he is interested in Japanese culture from the perspective of cuisine and entertainment media.

  24. Joanna Romańska Joanna Romańska
    Joanna Romańska SEM Specialist

    An experienced Google Ads specialist. In my free time, I am passionate about fitness and martial arts. I spend most of the day in the company of electronic music.

  25. Anna Staniewska Anna Staniewska
    Anna Staniewska Office Manager

    Passion for order is transferred from private to professional ground (and vice versa). Folders, subfolders, tables - all sorted and in place - I like it. After work, I like to thoroughly strain the court after a good tennis play.

  26. Weronika Szczepaniak Weronika Szczepaniak
    Weronika Szczepaniak SEM Specialist

    Associated with SEM since 2021. Although she doesn't like the beaten path in her daily life, when it comes to performance marketing, she allows data to lead the way. A lover of food, architecture, and sports. She spends her free time on long walks with her dog or buried in a book.

  27. Bartosz Tomaszewski Bartosz Tomaszewski
    Bartosz Tomaszewski SEM Specialist

    Google Ads specialist since 2021. Regardless of the budget I work with or what I advertise, my greatest satisfaction comes from being able to contribute to the development of your business. After work, I'm a movie enthusiast with ambitions to become a critic, a mountain tourist, an amateur photographer, and a board game enthusiast.

  28. Justyna Wiatr Justyna Wiatr
    Justyna Wiatr SEM Specialist

    A mathematician for whom numbers and graphs are bread and butter. In Google Ads, she values ​​the possibility of continuous development and self-realization. She is constantly looking for new challenges and solutions. Privately, she likes walking on smaller and slightly larger hills. The best holiday is a hammock and camping in nature. She likes to spend her evenings with a good detective story.

  29. Adrianna Ziobro-Jawniak Adrianna Ziobro-Jawniak
    Adrianna Ziobro-Jawniak Senior SEM Specialist & Analytics Specialist

    In Google Ads and analytics she combines accuracy and individual approach to clients with readiness for changes. Supporter of action and self-development. She likes to get to know the world from behind the scenes and enjoy traveling to the fullest. She enjoys pilates, live music and cooking - preferably with a podcast in the background. She also spends her free time in the garden - replanting and caring for plants.