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What is Measurement Protocol, and When Should You Use It in GA4?

In the world of online marketing, effective data analysis plays a crucial role in making strategic business decisions. The Measurement Protocol (MP) is a tool that can support marketers by supplementing tracking in Google Analytics 4 with more comprehensive data not available without this feature. In this article, we will explore when MP can be a valuable addition to tracking, and we will consider the challenges associated with its implementation and the evolution of GA4.

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GA4: How it works and… where to find “missing reports”?

The time for Google Analytics 4 has come. How does the new tool from Google work? What do you need to know about it? Where are the reports that you know from Universal Analytics? Everything you need to know about GA4 can be found here, read on!

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How to plan activities on foreign markets using Google Ads

Do you want to conquer new foreign markets? Increase your reach and achieve greater profits? Enter the world of planning, preparation and effective actions on foreign markets with Google Ads!

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Display&Video 360 – revolutionize your display campaigns

Your ads in premium spaces? Campaign coverage comparable to TV? Extensive and innovative targeting? Enter the world of DSP and programmatic campaigns with Display&Video 360

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How to sell with YouTube?

Want to learn about targeting opportunities via YouTube and what settings to look out for? Read how to measure results and decide if YouTube campaigns make sense.

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We present the most important reports of the Performance Max campaign and analyze the data

Performance Max campaigns - we discover hidden. We present statistics, reports and data that can help in increasing the effectiveness of activities and analyzing the effectiveness of the campaign.

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Performance max campaign – lights and shadows. Read how we achieved ROAS of 1134% in two months

Performance Max campaigns - the most important information about the new type of campaign from Google. What do we need to know about it, what are our experiences and the results obtained after the implementation of the Performance Max campaign.

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