Effective advertising campaigns and analytics on Google

Want to get more out of Google Ads and Analytics - start with the data

The input determines output. This simple life truth also applies in serious business. If you have weed in your Google Analytics data, don’t expect to grow rosy profits. If you’re not sure which direction the Google Analytics numbers are showing, you won’t reach your Everest of conversions. If your ads are set up according to the “Google Ads for All” tutorial, you won’t achieve above average results. And now the good news: we’re here to help you win this battle of results 🙂

What do we do?

Change. Improvement. Repair. Many agencies will tell you they work with Google tools. We work with data, because it hides the answer to the question of what stifles your business. Data simply rocks 🙂

Why choose us

We specialize in data. It’s digging through Google Analytics, where we begin every partnership, because this is where we can find the answer to the key question: how to improve the existing results? Using Google Ads, we reforge the conclusions of such analysis into more sales or more leads.

The data will tell us what even you don't know about your company ;)

Very often, customers come to us saying that they do not understand the ratios that they see in Google Analytics – they have the impression that nothing works. So we translate the data into something comprehensible. We properly implement analytics, weed out the gathered information and find solutions that allow you to prepare an effective Google Ads campaign.

The results, then, are concrete, e.g. an increase in advertising revenue by 196% within a year, 704% in 2 years, 3147% in three years. This is not magic, but the result of working with data.

Performance activities are our domain. Customers who want to increase sales at their store while maintaining an appropriate level of profitability or who want a maximum increase in the number of leads at a certain cost appreciate such solutions. These are the challenges we like the most 🙂

We focus on direct contact with the customer. As a result, you’re in contact with a person perfectly familiar with your company’s data, able to answer all your questions and determine the next steps during your conversation.

Want to see true data in Analytics?

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They trusted us

Our customers about us

Expert knowledge at an abstract level. Standards of cooperation worthy of being forged in metal. If you are looking for something at the highest level - relax. This is it.

Marek Dąbek

Website & SEO Specialist

The GA4 training conducted by data.rocks was tailored to our needs, presented through practical examples of data and Google Analytics configuration specific to our institution. The experienced trainer addressed all participants' questions and doubts in a clear manner. We wholeheartedly recommend it.

Łukasz Budzynowski

Instytut Badań Edukacyjnych

The data.rocks team is made up of professionals in their field. I worked with the agency to create ads on the Google network in a niche industry. I highly appreciate the approach to the implementation of the campaign. I heartily recommend data.rocks specialists.

Magdalena Nowak

Digital Marketing Coordinator | MentorNow - Fundacja Liderek Biznesu

Things looked hopeless at the beginning of the year. Loss of 10 years of promoted domain... It was necessary to start everything from the beginning and here the professionals from data.rocks came to the rescue. Thanks to the appropriate strategy and paid advertising, we were able to promote the new website and increase the number of patients in the specialist facility.

Thank you Kasia and the whole team, I do not recommend data.rocks's services for competitive companies :)

Piotr Jakubczyk

Operations Manager of the Medical Center in Ostrołęka

I recommend working with data.rocks - they are a well-coordinated team that takes a comprehensive approach to Google Ads and Google Analytics. Our clothing brand operates in a very competitive and difficult market and I am glad that we are working with an agency specializing in this sector. I also appreciate the focus on innovation and the in-depth approach to setting up Google Analytics.

Zbigniew Augustyniak

Head of Development & E-commerce in Bizuu

Working with data.rocks is a pure pleasure. In addition to the obvious expertise in the field of web analytics and Google tools, data.rocks experts are open-minded to cooperation, willing to share knowledge and operate efficiently. As part of the cooperation, they helped us configure Google Analytics, whereby Allegro Lokalnie could better understand the users' traffic on the website and its sources. They also supported us for the time after implementation, so we could solve problems that appeared at an early stage of using the tools. I highly recommend their services!

Marek Skomorowski

Senior Manager / Head of C2C & Allegro Lokalnie

After years of searching for a specialized company that would run our ad in the Google search engine, we have finally found true professionals. Most of all, data.rocks gives us an individual approach. They adapt their offer and solutions to our needs, analyzing the specifics of our business. Each problem is discussed in a group of several specialists and in consultation with us, with important issues being patiently explained. Mutual arrangements are honored and cooperation is completely transparent. As a result, it is possible to obtain satisfactory sales results. I have to tell you that you have set such different - significantly better standards of cooperation, that I have now cut ties with all providers of similar services, giving you as an example of how cooperate can look like :)

Marek Kajaniec

Grupa Chrobry sp. z o.o. Management Board Chairman

I rate cooperation with data.rocks very highly. They are well prepared on a technical level, able to answer even the strangest questions. Always responsive and eager to help. I highly recommend their services.

Daniel Dydak


From the first months of cooperation, activities carried out by data.rocks brought satisfactory results, an increase in the number of customers and growing sales results directly arising from the campaigns. The data.rocks team are responsible and recommendable specialists.

Agata Patynowska

Chief Operating Officer LAB ONE sp. z o.o.

We use support provided by data.rocks when running Google Adwords campaigns. It is a partnership which showed us that thoughtful online activities can be an effective tool to attract new customers and increase the store revenue of www.sklep.polontex.com.pl. data.rocks provides reliable and specific account manager support, reinforced by angelic patience for the questions we ask over and over again, and any doubts that arise. I recommend them wholeheartedly. data.rocks provides experience-based knowledge and know-how of our specific issues.

Agnieszka Kolbe

Polontex S.A. Internet marketing and sales section coordinator

Our cooperation with data.rocks is long and fruitful. Their strength is undoubtedly the specialist knowledge that allows them to achieve amazing sales results. What's more, as customers, we practically don't have to worry about anything. People working with our stores are always available and eager to help. The company's strength is transparency and meticulousness. Especially in regards to presentation of results, expenses and summaries of activities.

Katarzyna Pytyś

Hairstore.pl Marketing Department Manager

During our cooperation, data.rocks have made themselves known to us as a team of highly qualified experts with vast experience and extensive knowledge. This is why working with data.rocks is not only fruitful for our online store, but also develops us as people dealing with e-commerce on a daily basis.

Michał Skarżyński

eCommerce Manager - ETAM Poland

data.rocks are top-class specialists in the field of Google. Working with them and learning from them is nothing but benefits, and a great pleasure. Highly recommended!

Beata Kozieł


We have worked with the data.rocks team in the dedicated integration of the LokalnyRolnik.pl marketplace with Google Analytics. Despite the busy calendar, the whole team stood up to the challenge. It's great to have a partner on the other side, not just a company that performs an order. From the beginning, I felt that our needs were properly addressed.

Google Analytics have been prepared for many of our non-standard needs. In addition, after the integration was concluded, we could rely on hints from data.rocks.

data.rocks is a crew of proactive people, fascinated by their work, who are always willing to help and share their knowledge. I highly recommend them!

Monika Jankiewicz


data.rocks has been running Google Ads campaigns for us for several years. They are always eager to help, listen to opinions and find solutions tailored to our needs. We know about all planned activities in advance. Our sales results are getting better every year. This is what we expect from a SEM agency - commitment and effectiveness.

Paweł Wojciechowski

Owner of topestetic.pl

data.rocks continuously supports us with their knowledge and experience in many markets. Thanks to them we have explored the secrets of analytics and the Tag Manager. They have greatly facilitated and continue to facilitate our daily work. We highly recommend working with data.rocks.

Magdalena Mazur Milewska

AmRest PH Project Manager Digital Team

Together with data.rocks we have implemented Google Analytics and the Google Tag Manager on our website. Flexible and fast operations as well as high communication skills make working with data.rocks something we can recommend to anyone looking for support in organizing their Google Analytics account.

Monika Kyciak


We've worked with the data.rocks agency on several Google Analytics implementation projects. We were always met with full professionalism and an open approach to our needs. Now we are sure that the data in Google Analytics is collected correctly and we can use it to take actions that are important for the development of our business. We value the team's reliable approach to all entrusted tasks, timeliness and attention to detail.

Katarzyna Pakulska-Siddique

Communications and Social Media Specialist Saint-Gobain

The name speaks for itself so data.rocks was both professional and effective. Their proposed solution helped us improve data analytics skills and improve decision-making process - Tomasz Działak with the team helped us enormously even though the scale of our project was rather small in financial terms, but made an impressive impact for our performance. We hope to continue cooperation in the future especially with extreme google environment changes just behind the corner.

Mateusz Mentlewicz

E-commerce Manager in Husse

Every Data Rocks specialists with whom we have worked so far are professionals with extensive experience. In my daily work I value their responsiveness, initiative and efficient work. The activities are well thought out and tailored to our needs, which translates into specific effects. I sincerely recommend this company!

Karolina Nowicka

Marketing and Communications Specialist Kiribati Club

We can be proud of many years of cooperation with data.rocks in the field of Google Ads activities, which have a significant impact on acquiring customers, increasing sales and building the image of our company, and thus - its development. From the beginning, the data.rocks team has won our trust with a non-standard, individual and comprehensive approach and listening to our needs, as well as invaluable support and help. Their knowledge and skills, reliable data analysis and keeping up with the ever-changing trends guarantee the creation of effective advertising campaigns and their continuous optimization. In everyday cooperation, their professionalism, punctuality, openness in communication and kindness cannot be overestimated.

We highly value cooperation with partners, which combines the effectiveness of actions, the highest standards of service and a great atmosphere. This is what cooperation with data.rocks turned out to be, which we recommend to anyone who is looking for support in building effective advertising campaigns and Google data analytics.

Krzysztof Żak

Co-owner of omegasoft.pl

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