Individual GA4 Trainings

Learn GA4 from scratch through workshops with specialists

Are you familiar with this scenario? You invest a lot of time in finding and selecting a new tool for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You read reviews and expert articles, only to finally choose the one that seems most suitable after hours, days, or even weeks of searching. And then… you don't do anything with it because you don't know how to properly adapt it to your business needs.

If the same has happened to you with Google Analytics 4, you're in the right place. We will help you understand how GA4 works and how to leverage its capabilities specifically for your business.

Flexible Approach

Choose the modules that interest you or the complete training program

Customized Program

Tell us what you need, and we will prepare dedicated training for your company

100% Practical Knowledge

You will learn effective methods of working with GA4 during hands-on workshop sessions

Efficient work with new tools depends primarily on understanding their capabilities in depth. During the training, you will uncover all the secrets of Google Analytics 4 and learn how to harness the full potential of the tool for the growth of your business.

GA4 workshops consist of 6 modules, from which you can freely choose the elements that interest you or take advantage of the full-day training. You decide what you want (and need) to learn, and we bring it to you.

What's included in the training program?

  • google Analytics setup – you will learn how to create and configure the tool from scratch, how to implement the service into website code, and the roles of dataLayer and Google Tag Manager in deployments,
  • data measurement – you'll understand how to effectively measure data, learn about event types, discover how to create and modify them, and how to prepare valuable reports based on them,
  • data reading – you'll comprehend how conversions are tracked, learn to create them, become familiar with the new report interface, discover how to edit and analyze them to develop your business,
  • data exploration – you'll learn 6 exploration methods, how to create and share them, and how to prepare audience lists based on them,
  • additional features helpful in data analysis – you'll grasp attribution models, understand channel grouping, and learn to create audience lists from scratch,
  • google ecosystem – we'll show you how to connect Google Analytics 4 with other Google tools (Ads, Merchant Center, Search Console, BigQuery) and how to efficiently use transferred data.

Who are the GA4 workshops designed for?

For everyone who regularly uses Google Analytics and wants to maximize the potential of the latest version of the tool. We designed the workshop program for data analysts, marketing specialists, and business managers who want to fully understand how audiences behave on their websites and how to utilize this knowledge for optimization.

How to prepare for the training?

We want the training to bring the most benefits to your company, so we will work with your data during the workshops. Therefore, every participant should have access to a GA4 account at the Marketer level.

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