Comparison Shopping Services (CSS)

Increase your visibility on Google Shopping with CSS!

CSS (Comparison Shopping Services) is a way of presenting products in advertising boxes on Google Shopping.
If you are already running campaigns on Google Shopping, launching additional CSS will increase the exposure of your shopping ads, potentially resulting in more impressions, clicks, and increased effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


We increased revenues year over year after implementing an advanced Performance Max strategy using CSS


We reduced the cost per click on the Google Shopping network after implementing the Performance Max strategy using CSS

*source: client data from the e-commerce industry from November 2023 compared to the same period a year earlier

Our task is comprehensive support – from creating a CSS account, transferring settings, to launching campaigns, allowing the client to focus on increasing sales. As a result, this solution does not require any client-side handling.

Advantages of CSS-type solution:

It is often said that the CSS offer eliminates Google's margin from each click, which can result in a CPC decrease of up to 20%.

For many, this is the main argument in favor of this solution, but in our opinion, it is worth paying attention to its other benefits.

An additional Google Merchant Center account is an excellent form of protection for campaigns crucial to the project. If the main account is blocked for any reason and products are rejected, the CSS account will allow the key Performance Max campaigns to continue displaying. On the other hand, for activities such as the sale of supplements or various types of services, CSS represents a less controlled alternative by Google, which often is the only option for displaying ads on Google Shopping.

Actions using CSS also allow for a broader reach of conducted activities. It increases the likelihood of various versions of the same or similar products being displayed next to each other in advertising boxes.

CSS is also an excellent way to protect your brand image. Actions using it reduce the likelihood of competitors appearing on your company's name in Google Shopping, as the system has more options for displaying products from the client's store.

It is worth noting that the only thing that will change in the displayed ads is the CSS name and the redirection under them from "By: Google" to "By:".

Finally, we would like to remind you that this solution is 100% free in the Polish market,
and its implementation is fully handled by our specialists.

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