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99% of Google Analytics accounts collect bad data. How confident are you in your implementation?

Data. They are the basis of decision making. However, here is a huge BUT. Google Analytics in its default configuration only provides answers to basic questions regarding your site and its users. It’s like making a decision about whether you want to invest in a house simply based on a fence, without going inside. You see part of the information and can’t be sure what’s really inside.
Incorrect tracking code
implementation data distortions in reports - e.g. result in double counting of page hits and artificial underestimation of the bounce rate
No exclusion of spam traffic
from statistics - in the report you see false events related to bot traffic
A large percentage of
direct traffic it's not usually a sign of brand recognition, but is related to incorrect tagging of campaigns with UTM parameters (any unrecognized traffic source goes to the direct channel)

We specialize in advanced Google Analytics implementations. We conduct current configuration audits, identify and repair errors that falsify the image, and adjust the functionalities of this tool for the site’s business purposes.

An online store has different needs related of data analysis than a lead gathering site, news service or blog.

Why? Because it doesn’t unleash the full potential of Google Analytics. Errors made at that moment cut you off from valuable data:

  • you don’t know at what stage you are losing customers – how many customers have seen a given product, added it to the cart, started the checkout process, and quit at the last moment (they’re the ones you regret losing most – they went so far, you had them at your fingertips and … you will not reach them without the correct Google Analytics configuration),
  • you lose information about how many leads have become your customers, so you don’t know if it’s your actions that bring results, or if it’s just blind luck,
  • you don’t know at which verse your readers stop reading your articles, so you spend your time writing “by the seat of your pants”, and maybe nobody even reaches the third paragraph.

Confidence that you’ll finally see the truth in your Google Analytics is the basic advantage of working with us. But there are others. It is very important to us that every customer knows what is happening on their account, what solutions we implement and for what purpose. This is why we create complete documentation – with it you will not be “cut off from the action”, and your programmers will have something to use when making changes to the site. You will also receive one hour of free consultation, during which we can, for example, discuss the documentation, show in your Google Analytics account where to find specific functionalities, help you interpret the data. We are not “report providers” – we believe that good decisions begin with understanding data and we’re here to help you with it.

We disclosed to the client true data in Google Analytics

When we checked the customer’s Google Analytics account we saw distortions at key points. The problem experienced by our client was very serious – for a long time they based their activity on false data.

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We disclosed to the client true data in Google Analytics
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