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To what extent do you have a feel of Google users and are able to reach them with your ad at the right time?

The search engine is the most important point of contact for companies in most industries operating online, but also at brick and mortar stores. It is a link with consumers and customers. Being able to properly catch and take advantage of the moments when they invite brands to their lives results in above-average advertising effects.
Increase in the number of in the area / near me type queries.*
Buyers search for products online before buying them at the store.

* Google Trends and Google / IPSOS research, “Digital impact on in-store shopping”

Micro-moments are those situations when we intentionally search for answers to the question bothering us at the moment in the category of “I want to do” (e.g. “how to replace an iPhone battery?”), “I want to know” (e.g. “Accommodation in Karpacz” ), “I want to buy” (e.g. “discounted sonic toothbrush”), “I want to go” (e.g. “Italian restaurant in the area”). Then you arrive with a solution to the problem – in the form of an ad which will be helpful (and gratefully accepted), not an intrusive urging to buy something.

We create user-oriented Google web search campaigns – from copywriting, through the rate strategy (so that the advertisement is visible in the optimal position), and their adaptation to the location, demographic profile, type of devices, to the use of tools working with Google learning algorithms. This arsenal enables us to adapt your ads to thousands of signals related to the profile and needs of the searcher. The effects of our activities are numbers that make contractors happy – see the case study below.

Users buy with a 56% higher frequency, clicks are 52% cheaper, and profits are increasing

From the beginning, we knew that we will conduct Etam campaigns extremely dynamically, simultaneously testing many approaches and solutions to maximize sales and have the ads reach the widest possible audience. The customer did not have to wait long for the effects.

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Case study

Reading our Clients' data, we come across various challenges - thanks to our skills we manage to come out on top. Learn the stories of our Clients.

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