Google Consent Mode

How to effectively manage user consent without losing data?

Protecting user data online is one of the key requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Obtaining informed consent and providing clear information about the data being processed on a website increase our control over what data we share and with whom. While these user-centric changes are beneficial, they also present new challenges for companies and internet marketing professionals. Previously gathered data allowed us to better understand our audience and tailor advertising messages accordingly. How can we benefit without losing out in the current situation?

70% less

data loss thanks to Consent Mode

No data means no knowledge, and conducting activities without knowledge is like walking in the dark. You might find your way to the light, but there’s a risk that each step takes you further away from it. The changes in the law could deprive your company of valuable data, which makes reaching potential customers easy. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Consent Mode comes to the rescue, offering a user consent management approach that collects anonymized data and then models and fills in gaps in conversions.

How does Consent Mode work?

When a user gives consent for processing, you collect real data as before. However, if the expected consent is not obtained, advertising features stop working, and you can’t track conversions or gather any data in Google Ads and Analytics. It doesn’t look great, right?

Implementing Consent Mode changes this situation: when a user doesn’t give consent for cookie collection, the consent management mode gathers anonymized data. Although you can’t attribute these data to a specific user for conversions, sources, or devices, you receive modeled data that is aligned with events and sources. When combined with actual conversions, you get comprehensive insights into all the essential actions for your business, ensuring potentially lost data remains in your hands.

Say YES to consent management!

You want to implement Consent Mode, but you’re not sure how to do it correctly? You can count on
us. We have extensive experience in implementing consent management, and we’ve seen it all.

With our support, you can avoid common mistakes, such as:

  • Completely blocking all marketing tools after tracking rejection.
  • Controlling only some of the tags.
  • Collecting data from users who haven’t given consent.
  • Duplicated pageviews in Google Analytics.
  • Incorrect traffic source attribution after page refresh.

How do we work?

First, we’ll check the marketing tags on your website. If some of them are embedded in the page code, we plan to migrate them to Google Tag Manager. Together with your programmer, we’ll implement a proper and user friendly cookie banner on the site, and then we’ll adjust tag behavior based on user preferences. All of this will be done without any loss to your company. Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads will fill in the missing data, while you focus on what matters most for your

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