Display&Video 360 Advertising Campaigns

Advertising on the best sites for small and big players. See how we use the DV360 to achieve a larger scale with full control and transparency.

Display & Video 360 (formerly DoubleClick) is a modern DSP platform that enables even the smallest businesses to advertise on reputable portals. It also gives you access to advertising spaces that cannot be reached by traditional systems such as Connected TV or VOD. It combines access to thousands of sites with the ability to precisely target audiences, use engaging formats and accurately measure results.

2X more reach

than in the Google Display Network

More than 40

advertising exchanges

Almost 900 million


Full control

over ad serving

On a single platform, DV360 not only gives you direct access to the Google Display Network, but also to around 40 different exchanges such as Openx, Rubicon, AppNexus and AdForm, allowing you to reach more users and effectively implement advertising campaigns. In addition to open auction, which is the only buying model on Google Ads, DV360 also gives us the choice of programmatic guarantee, preferred deal and private auction. However, the advanced brand safety features ensure a high standard of content selection to accompany your ad.

Advertising campaigns on websites and web portals are still an effective marketing tool with great potential to reach many users in a short time. Thanks to DV360, we can take full advantage of these opportunities and leave the inefficient process of buying advertising space directly from publishers.

We use the best targeting strategies, focusing on specific websites, user characteristics and individual combinations, among others. We advise you on the selection and preparation of the most effective advertising formats. We also use valuable recipient lists from other sources and ensure that the results are measured correctly using floodlight codes and the appropriate attribution model, as well as interpreting the results in the reports of the platform itself and in Google Analytics. We also ensure that each message is shown a sufficient number of times to avoid unnecessary costs and boredom for your audience.

If you want to increase awareness of your product and support your sales activities by reaching a large group of recipients without sacrificing precision and evaluation of effectiveness in the context of business objectives, Display&Video 360 is for you.

This tool is particularly suitable for the launch of a new product, for specific promotions, for awareness-raising activities, as well as for when the possibilities of the GDN are exhausted or no results are achieved.

Benefit from the key advantages of DV360 Programmatic:

  • Reaching many users outside the search engine, social media, or GDN network
  • By testing interactive, engaging ad formats based, among other things, on the presentation of products in 360 format
  • Maintaining full control and transparency over when and where your ads are displayed
  • Using custom rate settings that optimize the campaign for each purpose
  • Using preferential purchase models
  • Using third-party data from Bluekai, Lotame, Factual, Eyeota, and many others to test additional targeting options
  • Maintaining brand image using brand safety features whose rules are based not only on entire websites, but also on specific articles (subpages) in valuable websites whose topic may resonate poorly with the brand
  • Use of additional targeting features such as technology targeting (web browser, device type, specific device, model, and operating system)
  • Using triggers, i.e. synchronizing the campaign with signals from the world, e.g. sports events, arriving with advertising only at the right time

Let's see what the DV360 can do for your business.

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