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We Increased Registration Numbers Using eBooks and Facebook Automated Targeting

About Client:

Wodguru is a rapidly growing fitness club management system that offers automation and streamlining of various tasks such as class registrations and email communication. The company already collaborates with hundreds of fitness clubs in Poland.


The ultimate goal was to increase the number of registrations on the website among fitness club owners. There are only a few thousand of them in Poland, making it a target group that is challenging to reach cost-effectively. So how do you find a needle in a haystack and reach 0.05% of Facebook users with a budget of a few thousand Polish złoty?

Our actions:

To deliver value to users, instead of solely focusing on direct registration incentives, we made a deliberate decision to take a different approach. The client prepared a series of e-books for fitness club owners, providing practical tips and advice on improving their businesses' operations. This allowed us to offer potential clients something valuable, increasing the likelihood of their interest in our service and building authority in their eyes.

We realized that for such a narrow target group, manual targeting based on demographic data and interests could lead to the exclusion of many potential clients, further limiting our possibilities. Therefore, we relied on fully leveraging the potential of automated targeting.

By utilizing the "conversion" objective, we didn't limit the targeting based on audience characteristics. However, the crucial aspect was that we set the conversion in the form of e-book downloads as the optimization event for displaying our ads. This allowed the system to independently develop user profiles. As a result, based on the obtained conversions, it autonomously narrowed down the targeting to those individuals deemed valuable for the business.

Additionally, we defined users who downloaded the e-books as custom audiences and retargeted them in a separate campaign that directly promoted registrations. Simultaneously, we presented them with additional e-books they hadn't previously downloaded to enable continued access to valuable content and maintain their engagement. In later stages, we enriched the campaign with short videos featuring client testimonials. We also created a carousel that showcased our e-books and another carousel with the most interesting blog articles to increase ad optimization possibilities for the system.

The key aspect in this case was that we didn't attempt to forcefully control the user's conversion path by designing a long and complicated funnel. Instead, we focused on diverse content that achieved intermediate goals while monitoring their impact on the total number of registrations and conversion rate in Google Analytics. This provided greater flexibility and gave our campaigns more room to maneuver, fully leveraging machine learning capabilities.


  • 619 e-book downloads in 3 months
  • 74% increase in the number of registrations compared to the previous period with a 46% increase in the conversion rate
  • Nearly 5 minutes average time on site among users acquired from the campaign
  • 100% increase in social media-assisted conversions

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