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Increasing the role of the online store based on Google Ads

About Client:

Outlet Nexterio is one of the fastest growing players on the Polish market of ceramic tiles, gres, panels and bathroom equipment. It has almost 30 stationary stores in the largest Polish cities and a thriving online store, which currently offers almost 7,000 items of the best, Polish manufacturers and well-known foreign brands.


Nexterio Outlet has been running Google Ads campaigns since 2018, which in principle were to provide direct support for the sale of stationary stores. With the dynamic development of the e-commerce market and the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted the functioning of stationary stores, it became clear that the Outlet Nexterio online store should relatively quickly take over the role of the main source acquiring Customers for the company. The search engine campaigns, which dramatically increased efficiency in just a few months, became the most important and most efficient medium generating revenue in the e-shop, became a means to achieve this goal.

We are proud of:

  • Increasing revenue by 242.44% since the intensification of online activities
  • Increasing the conversion rate by 61.04% and the number of transactions by 181.84%
  • Increasing global ROAS by 31.06%
  • Increasing revenue in product campaigns by 297.59% with a 43.64% increase in ROAS

Our actions:

As part of the product campaigns, we have placed total emphasis on maximizing reach by removing any restrictions on the target ROAS. Objective: To collect as much data as possible on the behaviour of converters in order to optimize current operations.

In the environment of product campaigns, dedicated dynamic campaigns were created, which based their activities entirely on the structure of product feed and landing pages – becoming direct sales support for PLA campaigns.

On the basis of dynamic campaigns, classic search engine campaigns were created, which were responsible for building the strongest possible position within the most effective queries coming from the above-mentioned campaigns.

The effective closure of the account structure were brand campaigns: directly dedicated to the brand and cities in which there is a stationary store.

The whole thing was hampered by dynamic remarketing, which was responsible for closing all shopping paths initiated by the above-mentioned campaigns.

The last accent that will additionally affect the building of advertising exposure were campaigns in the advertising network, which were entirely based on strategies optimized for conversion.


Efficiency results were a clear business argument for increasing the level of advertising expenditure by the Customer. Total expenditure increased by 161.28% with an overall revenue increase of 242.22%

In the second quarter of 2021, the online store will start to generate revenue at the level of the total revenue value for almost 30 stationary stores, effectively defending the Customer’s business against the negative effects of the pandemic.

Product campaigns increased reach by 86.17%, including an increase in revenue by 297.59%

Dynamic campaigns began to reach 376% more users, increasing the number of completed transactions by 667.16%

Brand campaigns increased revenue by 99.69%

Future plans:

As part of the next stages of developing activities and increasing the exposure of advertisements, we reach for new tools. Purchase of areas advertised in the RTB mode is another step that will allow the Customer to reach for new recipients and expand the online business.

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