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We showed the Client true data in Google Analytics

About Client:

Omegasoft is an online store specializing in the sale of computer software – it offers anti-virus, office, graphics and video processing programs and others that are used every day in companies and at home.

The Challenge:

When we checked the customer’s Google Analytics account we saw … distortions at key points. Sales were recorded with each order placed, regardless of whether it was ultimately paid for. In addition, some orders were duplicated (the user placed several orders, but only paid for one). So Omegasoft would see sales where it really weren’t any.

The case with the renewal base was different. The renewal department carries out most orders directly through the store’s administrative panel, which has no analytics implemented. Everything that took place outside the website was not recorded by Google Analytics – a significant part of sales was not included in the statistics at all. The customer also did not have an opportunity to check whether after a phone call made by the consultant, anyone took the desired actions on the site, e.g. browsed products, interacted with PPC campaign creations, etc.

We are proud of:

Revealing real Google Analytics data  to the Client – seeing what really affects sales, the Client is able to make decisions that bring better results than the ones achieved so far.

Our actions:

The problem our Client experienced was very serious – for a long time they based their activity on false data. Therefore, we used the Measurement Protocol as a solution in three main pain points:

  • for sending data concerning completed (paid) transactions, instead of classic triggering of the website’s e-commerce tracking code with confirmation of the order,
  • for sending data on transactions carried out outside the website, by the store’s staff,
  • for sending data on telephone contacts with the customer by the store’s staff.

The result:

Thanks to the implemented changes, Google Analytics began to show real data: only paid orders are registered as sales, offline transaction data is also collected. We’ve configured the tool to also show information concerning telephone contact with customers, so Omegasoft can analyze steps that occur off-site and lead to conversions.

Voilà! 🙂

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