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Users buy with a 56% higher frequency, clicks are 52% cheaper, and profits are increasing

About Client:

Etam is an exclusive French lingerie brand. It operates several dozen brick and mortar stores in Poland and an extensive online store offering hundreds of models of bras, panties, nightwear, swimwear and accessories.

The Challenge:

Etam approached us with the intent of maximizing the effect of text ads in the search engine. Clothing campaigns are very demanding – the challenge is the changeability of collections and the highly seasonal nature of the industry, resulting in very frequent changes in advertising, adapting the structure of activities and communication to the offer, which must also reach the right recipient.

From the beginning, we knew that Etam campaigns will be conducted extremely dynamically, simultaneously testing many approaches and solutions to maximize sales and have the ads reach the widest possible audience.

We are proud of:

  • Improving the conversion rate by 24.87% and increasing the number of conversions by 87.11% in brand campaigns – revenue increase by 86.86%
  • Increasing the number of transactions by 52.57% in generic campaigns – revenue increase by 24.45%
  • A 6200% increase in the number of conversion in RLSA campaigns – revenue increase of 7,428.26%
  • Improved conversion rate by 55.79% while reducing cost-per-click by 52.41%

Our actions:

  • After taking over the Customer’s Google Ads account from a previous agency, our first step was to conduct a very detailed analysis of activities.
  • Based on the conclusions, we have created a thorough reconstruction plan, focused on one hand on providing brand protection against exposure to very random phrases (related e.g. to the adult industry and erotic lingerie), and on the other on eliminating seemingly relevant traffic – which does not translate into sales, and rather consumes the advertising budget.
  • We have rebuilt all campaigns in the account, introducing a new segmentation of words with a precise adjustment of their context to the ad content.
  • We have added 800 excluding words for each campaign based on an analysis of several thousand search terms. We have also improved product linking so that the browsing consumer is redirected to the sites most relevant to the context of the query.
  • The expansion of ads was of great importance for the improvement of results – we have introduced many rotational text variants, which allowed us to accelerate the implementation of every new communication.
  • Considering brand recognition, we have also modified the structure of queries. Currently developed keywords include over 1000 brand phrases.
  • Additional improvements from the communication side allowed to isolate the lowest value traffic and exclude it or set negative modifiers for it regarding bidding rates.
  • Search engine remarketing, which we have added to the client’s advertising structure, has ensured better visibility of ads among the group of users interested in the brand and visiting the website, especially among those most likely ready for purchase.

Intuitive solutions, but … with Google Ads is’s like a magic potion or just cooking – most know the ingredients, but if they’re combined wrong, nothing good will come of it.
Fortunately, we know Google’s tools inside out 🙂

The result:

The customer did not have to wait long for results 🙂 They closed the key quarter with Black Friday and the holiday season with a record result. In brand campaigns we managed to improve the conversion rate by 24.87%, increase the number of conversions by 87.11% with a revenue increase by 86.86% (from year to year, October-December 2017 and 2018).

In generic campaigns we quantitatively recorded a 52,57% transaction increase with an increase in revenue by 24.45%. By setting high bid modifiers, we correctly divided traffic between standard and RLSA campaigns, and within the latter we improved revenue by 7,428.26% – with a 6,200% increase in conversions, a 55,79% improvement in conversion rate, while reducing a cost-per-click by 52,41% and improving all traffic quality indicators such as engagement and bounce rate.

Currently, based on long-term data, we are looking for new approaches and solutions, improving results in each quarter.

Do you also want to achieve such great results? We will help You.

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