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Discover the secrets of proper GA4 configuration and effective data interpretation

How to decipher Google Analytics 4 without going crazy? This version of the most popular tool for collecting and analyzing data introduces a series of changes that can be overwhelming. New options and possibilities, a completely new look of the user panel, and a new perspective on the collected data.

For those who want to learn and fully utilize the capabilities of GA4, we have prepared training that will help you master Google Analytics 4 and understand user behaviors on the website.

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Learning by Doing

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GA4 Open Training is over 7.5 hours of practical learning with the assistance of our Google Analytics specialists. No boring presentations and lengthy introductions – essential knowledge in a nutshell that will allow you to navigate Google Analytics 4 with ease.

We know how valuable your time is, so the training is spread over five days, 1.5 hours each day. This way, you will easily master the prepared materials and test them in practice, and if questions and doubts arise, we will address them in the next meeting.

Google Analytics 4 Open Training consists of five modules, where step by step, we will guide you through the GA4 panel, teach you how to extract maximum information from the acquired data, and how to translate it into real benefits for the company. With the acquired knowledge, it will be easier for you to make informed business decisions.

What will you find in the GA4 training modules?

  • configuration basics – learn how to configure GA4, implement code on the website, and connect other tools to Google Analytics 4,
  • data collection – find out what data you can measure on the website, understand what
    events and conversions are, and how to configure them,
  • reporting in GA4 – we will show you how to find reports in the new Google Analytics panel, understand the differences between event reports and conversion reports, and learn to read, edit, and create reports,
  • customizing the panel to your needs – see how easily you can modify channel groups, traffic source groups, and content groups to suit your needs,
  • explorations – learn exploration techniques and typical applications.

Led of open training

Aleksandra Görlich

The training is led by Aleksandra Görlich, a practitioner with 7 years of experience working with Google tools such as Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads, and Merchant Center. Throughout her career, she has worked in Google’s technical support team, assisting European clients with implementations, training Google specialists’ teams in Europe, India, and Malaysia. Since the introduction of Google Analytics 4, she has delved into its intricacies, learning directly from experts like Krista Seiden and sharing her knowledge with marketers from large companies, small businesses, and students. She demonstrates how to tailor GA4 to a company’s needs and how to make use of the collected data, not just observe it. In the fall of 2023, she also conducted training at the I Love Marketing event.

After hours, she travels, writes, and takes photographs because the world is vast, intriguing, and still has so many aspects to explore!

For whom are our open training sessions
with Google Analytics 4?

For anyone interested in GA4. The knowledge conveyed by our specialists will benefit:
– those responsible for data analysis in enterprises,
– marketing department specialists,
– managers of marketing/performance departments,
– decision makers in companies
– as well as anyone who cares about understanding the data they are capturing and learning to make accurate business and advertising decisions based on it.

You know that effective marketing actions without skillful data interpretation are a shot in the dark – when you don’t know what works and what doesn’t, all successes become a matter of chance, not a planned strategy. Don’t hesitate – sign up for training and start using Google Analytics 4 consciously.

Do you want to get to know GA4 in a dedicated training and work on your data? Check out our offer of individual Google Analytics training sessions.

Sign up for training and become a GA4 expert.

TRAINING DATE: April 8-12, 2024
HOURS: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

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