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See the benefits of tag management with the Google Tag Manager

We configure Google Analytics using the Google Tag Manager. It has three basic advantages: it provides stable and flexible implementation, a clean website source code, and faster loading of pages.

Google Tag Manager also makes it possible to perform most of the activities related to marketing tag implementation bypassing the IT department, so changes can be made faster 🙂

If you use Google Analytics without Google Tag Manager, because your website’s structure is too complex and you don’t have time to migrate all tags, we will help you with the implementation.

Thanks to the tag management system, you can maintain order, protect yourself against errors, and save both time and money. Incorrectly used tags can affect data and have a negative impact on costs.

We have freed the client from the need to involve a programming company.

We have transferred all codes from the site to the GTM container. Then we created transparent documentation of the launched codes, thanks to which the Client finally knew what was happening on their website. Check out how Google Tag Manager has improved the client’s situation.

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Reading our Clients' data, we come across various challenges - thanks to our skills we manage to come out on top. Learn the stories of our Clients.

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We disclosed to the client true data in Google Analytics
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We focused on mobile: Within two years, revenue from smartphones increased by 475.31%
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We have freed the client from the need to involve a programming company
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