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Evolution or revolution? Discover the advantages of Google Analytics - welcome Google Analytics 4!

Analytics of the future – Google Analytics 4 is not referred to as a teaser by accident. Focus on the events, a new way of presenting data, as well as new functionalities and integrations with the service will take your business to the next level. Prepare for the upcoming changes right now and prevent your business from losing valuable information!

Possibility of tracking the user on different devices

this type of service can process data both from websites as well as mobile applications. Combining data in one place makes us receive more reliable data for analysis. The new version for user recognition uses cookies, the user’s ID as well as the Google Signals service.

New approach to event tracking

Part of the events that weren't tracked by default in Universal Analytics can now be tracked using GA4's advanced measurement without making additional configurations. What's more, events do not require us to configure goals - we can tag them as conversions to obtain the same effect.

A new way of reporting

there is an analysis centre that was previously available only to premium Universal Analytics users. In the new version of GA, conversion analysis algorithms focus on the entire path of the user – from acquiring new user to making a purchase. Now reporting takes place within the customer's lifecycle: Acquisition, Engagement, Revenue generation, Maintenance.

Data streams instead of reporting views

they provide the possibility of estimating measurements separately for iOS, Android, and webs. The presence of data streams gives you a wide range of options to configure the events and sources they originate from. The advantage of such a solution is an easy monitoring of user interactions between individual services, and thus also devices.

GDPR control

adaptation of data collection in compliance with the principles of GDPR. There are more privacy settings that control the protection of personal data, which makes the protection of personal data more precise.

Predictive marketing

In the case of incomplete data, a new version of Google Analytics completes the missing data by using machine learning-based modelling.

Improved integration with Google Ads

we receive an extensive system of creating, managing and analyzing recipient lists as well as an access to new dimensions in the report: User acquisition and engagement reports on YouTube.

Integration with BigQuery

the possibility of exporting data to the BigQuery tool in a new version is available for free. Previously, such integration was possible only in the case of a paid version of Universal Analytics. Moreover, the option to export data in real time becomes available.

Switch to Google Analytics 4 now!

Google Analytics 4 is a new reporting style, with lots of functionalities and improvements. You need time to learn and understand the new interface, as well as gather reliable data in order to optimize your marketing efforts.

What will the implementation of the new service bring and what will you be protected from?

  • You will get familiar with the new version of the interface, reporting style and with the new perception of traffic on the website. Next year, your business will be adapted to new changes and instead of focusing on how to do it, you will start working effectively. This will allow you to stay ahead of the competition that has not taken this step so far!
  • You will prepare your website for the correct collection of data in relation to the changes in the cookies policy. The new version of the tool was created taking into account your business needs with an emphasis on privacy.
  • You’ll receive a more precise picture of the customer’s path when they visit your company.

What happens if you keep waiting?

If you don’t make a change, it will paralyze your business. Starting from July 1st, 2023, you will be left without an active service to measure data on your site. It is not possible to migrate data between versions of the tool, so they will be gathered from scratch. In practice, this means you will face a serious problem, which is the lack of reliable data. You will also face the necessity to get familiar with the new interface that perceives data in a different way.

Our Google Analytics team can effectively assist you while upgrading and preserving what's most important to you from your data. Do you want to find out more?

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