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You haven't seen such friendly data presentation yet - meet Data Studio

Tables, charts, hidden configuration options – drawing conclusions from Google Analytics reports can be tedious and time consuming. But not with Data Studio! With this tool, we create interactive, transparent reports, and you You can see the results of marketing activities in the palm of your hand.
63% of customers
prefer Data Studio to standard reports

Data Studio gives us the opportunity to precisely present the data you need to analyze campaigns and advertising expenses all on a single screen. You’re not drowned in numbers presented in an unfriendly form, allowing you to efficiently plan the next steps for your business.

The interactive report panel allows you to visualize data in a way that’s tailored to your needs. Do you want to check how you are doing on social media? Or maybe you’re interested in the effectiveness of content activities? It’s all just a click away.

What else can this miracle do? It combines results from various sources. Not only from Google Analytics or Google Ads, but also DoubleClick, Facebook Ads, Criteo or YouTube. It regularlyupdates the data, allows the review of any chosen periods and comparisons over time. In addition, you can share the report just like in Google Docs or simply clearly present the work results to your superiors. With Data Studio, the most friendly data set you’ve ever seen will hit your screen.

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