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Display&Video 360 Performance Reach Campaign

About Client:

Radio ZET is one of the largest and most popular radio stations that accompanies millions of listeners every day. You can hear a variety of music and reliable national and worldwide information. It inspires, provides entertainment and food for thought, directing the program to adult Poles. From the very beginning, the station has been focused on professionalism and personality.


Radio ZET turned to us in order to carry out a large awareness campaign related to the national radio competition. In addition to issues related to building reach and awareness, the main goal was to attract a maximum of participants who applied for the competition through a dedicated contact form. The challenge we faced was both the very limited duration of the campaign (1.5 months), the predetermined, non-exceeding cost of acquiring a contest participant, as well as the need to reach only users not related to Radio ZET (users on all remarketing lists, lists of recipients in both Google Analytics and Google Ads were excluded from the campaign).

The appropriate medium for the implementation of the above assumptions turned out to be Display & Video 360 – a tool enabling the programmatic purchase of advertising space in real time, thus giving the opportunity to build the range based on a larger number of available advertising slots and advertising formats than Google Display Network. What’s more, the DV360 works based on Machine Learning, so campaigns run through it are based on conversion data and – thanks to automatic strategies – can be optimized for these conversions.

From the beginning, it became clear that the campaign for Radio ZET will be carried out in a dynamic manner, but in accordance with the planned (and proven) campaign lifetime schedule, which allowed us to maximize the exposure of advertisements while implementing the assumptions regarding the cost of acquiring a contest participant.

We are proud of:

  • Views on the most famous portals in the country to users of advertising promoting the competition almost 140,000,000 times
  • Deliveries to the competition site of nearly 200,000 users
  • Providing the Customer with almost 25,000 participants in the competition
  • Achievement of the cost of acquiring a participant at a level 6% lower than assumed by the Customer’s guidelines and estimation
  • Achieving an ad click rate of 21% below the guidelines and estimation
  • Achieving advertising visibility at a level 16% higher than assumed by the guidelines and estimation

Our actions:

Lifetime of the campaign was divided according to 3 phases, each of which had clearly defined goals to be implemented:

I. Building awareness

The goal was to maximize advertising exposure and reach the widest possible audience. Maximizing the reach allowed for quick collection of data on converting users, which were used for optimization processes provided for in subsequent phases

II. Optimization and selection

The goal was to maximize the number of conversions based on the most effective targeting methods used in phase I. At this stage, we focus on investing in the most effective targeting methods while optimizing them. The bidding strategy is also changing, which from now on is to focus on acquiring users converting, not classical advertising exposure (as it was in phase I)

Final of the campaign – retention

Activities focused on the retention of users already activated. The role of remarketing is growing and efficiency measures are aimed at selective groups of recipients showing the greatest interest in the action.


The first two weeks of the campaign were devoted to collecting data, which was used to use strategies based on machine learning. As a result, the cost of acquiring a contestant in phase II was 65% lower than in phase I – while in phase III it was 35% lower than in phase II. Similar efficiency ratios were also maintained in the quantitative context: the number of users acquired for the competition in phase II was as much as 70% higher than in phase I, while in phase III it was 23% higher than in phase II. Ultimately, thanks to the use of a proven campaign lifetime system – despite the limited time of broadcasting – it was possible to implement the efficiency assumptions of the campaign with an excess.

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