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We have freed the client from the need to involve a programming company

About Client:

Aleo is a company information database belonging to ING Usługi dla Biznesu S.A., a company from the ING group. Contains current data, registration documents, customer opinions and ratings. The platform also allows for electronic procurement procedures.

The Challenge:

ALEO struggled with several issues which hampered the platform’s operation – this type of business requires frequent implementation of various scripts and code fragments on the site. When each update is associated with programmer intervention, the cost of such servicing is high, and the long implementation time delays the update. Slow site operation caused by the multitude of tags and the lack of consistent code implementation documentation prompted the customer to ask for our support.

We are proud of:

  • Freeing the client from the need to engage a software company to edit the source code – we provided the ability of independent code implementation
  • Organizing tags, which made it easier for the Customer to manage them and introduce updates

Our actions:

We started work with what should have been done a long time ago with a platform of this type – the implementation of a tool by Google, which is used to manage all the tags on the site, the Google Tag Manager. We transferred all the codes implemented so far in the source code to the GTM container. Then we created transparent documentation of the codes that were launched, thanks to which the Client finally knew what was happening on their website.

Order makes a difference 🙂

The result:

Our work was focused on introducing order and making the client independent of external programming forces when implementing codes on the website. We provided the option to implement them without having to edit the source code, and moved all tags to one place, so that ALEO could manage them more easily, as well as test and implement necessary updates at any time.

We also wanted the Client to not be cut off from the knowledge of what scripts are implemented on the site, so we provided them with complete documentation which facilitates direct script editing (this is very important due to GDPR provisions). What we did translated into time and money saved, which could then be allocated to goals other than engaging a software company.

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