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Display&Video 360 - premium solution not only for large players

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Display & Video 360

With the creation of the Display & Video 360 platform, the era where broadcasting advertisements in the most exposed parts of large internet portals, streaming or TV services was the domain of only the largest brands, ended. The DV360 has changed the rules of the game, giving smaller players an access to premium advertising space. Similarly to Google Ads, it is the customer who decides how much he or she wants to spend and how – above all, the business goal that we have to achieve is crucial here.

What is Display&Video 360?

Display & Video 360 is a platform for the purchase of real-time advertising space created as a result of the combination of Doubleclick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager and Studio&Audience Center functionality. The result of aggregating the most crucial assets of the above-mentioned tools within one environment has become the most efficient solution for creating, managing, optimizing and reporting display campaigns (including audio and video) operating within and outside the Google ecosystem.

Display & Video 360 provides users with the opportunity to purchase advertising space in programmatic mode, based on advanced methods of behavioral and contextual targeting and allows you to target the so-called premium spaces that are beyond the reach of classic advertising systems, which significantly increases the advertising coverage beyond the classic GDN network.

Therefore, if you are interested in reaching the largest possible audience with an advertising message and achieving coverage comparable to television, and simultaneously you do not want to give up precise methods of targeting and assessing the effectiveness of the campaign in the context of business goals – Display&Video 360 is for you.

Display & Video 360 - publishers list


The DV360 provides a range of methods to effectively target the ads based on user behaviour, online context, browsing history, target sites visited, and purchasing intentions.

The most effective targeting methods within the Display&Video 360 platform include:

  • Targeting the lists of recipients: the advertising message is targeted at groups of users, which Google aggregates as part of dedicated lists based on detailed data regarding interests and purchasing intentions.
  • Targeting app users: The DV360 allows you to target ads at users who use smartphone app data installed from the official Google Store. The method works perfectly when we want to reach potential customers of competitors.
  • Affinity Audience: A freely configurable module that allows you to, among other, target advertisements at users who show interest in competitor websites or specific brands
  • PMP: A model in which premium placements that are beyond the reach of classic advertising systems are made available under a direct agreement between the entity using DV360 and the publisher

Display & Video 360 - PMP model

DV360 vs. Google Ads – what and when to choose?

When comparing the above-mentioned tools, it should be noted that the appropriate areas that should be juxtaposed with each other are only activities based on creations, the purpose of which is reach, awareness and initiating conversion paths. In this respect, the DV360 wins against the classic Google Ads, providing more space and opportunities.

The highlights of Display&Video 360 against Google Ads are:

  • Scale: Google Ads relies on Google Display Network to display ads, which is a package of partner destination sites on which ads are displayed. Display&Video 360 is based not only on Google’s advertising network, but also on 40 other exchanges (including over 900 million websites) such as Openx, Rubicon, AppNexus or AdForm. Cautious estimates indicate that the advertising area in terms of DV360 coverage potential is at least 2 times larger than the Google Display Network (GDN) itself
  • Purchase priority: Google Ads is based entirely on the open auction model. As part of the DV360, there are much more extensive purchase models available, e.g.: open auction, programmatic guarantee, preferred deal or private auction. This allows an advertiser using Display&Video360 to purchase more space from publishers, including premium space from major publishers (e.g. screening). The semantics of the auction itself also gives priority to the purchase of issuers using the DV360.
  • Creations: The Display&Video 360 platform provides advertisers with a number of possibilities to differentiate the graphic creations used. Predefined versions are available in both static and html5 creations. Moreover, there are interactive custom formats based, among others, on the presentation of products in 360 format (product turnover), story (photos with animated text blocks) and modules based on the individual capabilities of the Google Web Designer tool. There are also materials from the best publishers (Rich Media Gallery) available functioning as “best practices”, which allow you to select the most optimal advertising message.
  • Brand Safety: on the Display&Video 360 platform – as part of brand security – not only entire websites are excluded, but also specific articles (subpages) on valuable websites, the subject of individual articles may badly resonate with the brand.
  • 3rd Paty Data:Display&Video 360 enables the use of data from external providers, so that ad targeting can be based on high-quality lists of recipients segmented in relation to purchasing intent as part of industry correlating websites.
  • Rate-setting strategies: the strategy-setting methodology is based on the provision of particular emission-related targets. It is possible to both prioritize the maximization of the campaign coverage, as well as to fully focus on the retention of converting users through the use of a pro-purchase strategy (maximizing conversions in numerical terms related to business KPIs).

Display & Video 360 - format gallery

Summing up – programmatic purchases of advertising space is an option dedicated primarily to those customers whose goal is to reach the largest possible group of recipients with a message regarding the emergence of a new product range as part of their business, temporary promotional/discount campaign, competition, rebranding, etc. The tool will also work perfectly when a given entity enters the market, acting on the side of building the product and brand awareness, therefore if you are about to plan online activities and desire to be discovered by as many people as possible or want to reach customers through prestigious advertising space and unconventional creations, Display&Video is for you!

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