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We showed the Client true data in Google Analytics

When we checked the customer’s Google Analytics account we saw distortions at key points. The problem experienced by our client was very serious - for a long time they based their activity on false data.

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We focused on mobile. Mobile conversion works, if it’s simple

How can the changes in consumer trends and demographics be used to develop the store (customers who recently celebrated their 18th birthday are 25 years old today, then 25-year-olds are now in their thirties)? We found the greatest potential for growth from mobile devices.

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#Aleo #Analytics #GTM

We have freed the client from the need to involve a programming company

We have transferred all codes from the site to the GTM container. Then we created transparent documentation of the launched codes, thanks to which the Client finally knew what was happening on their website. Check out how Google Tag Manager has improved the client’s situation.

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#Etam #Ads #Search

Users buy with a 56% higher frequency, clicks are 52% cheaper, and profits are increasing

From the beginning, we knew that we will conduct Etam campaigns extremely dynamically, simultaneously testing many approaches and solutions to maximize sales and have the ads reach the widest possible audience. The customer did not have to wait long for the effects.

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#YvesRocher #Ads #Remarketing

Relevant ad displayed to a specific audience brought an increase of 1284%

Based on our in-depth data analysis, precise audience segmentation has raised Yves Rocher's remarketing to a higher level. Thanks to the use of the "surround effect", remarketing activities have maximally facilitated the finalization of the purchase by adapting the advertising message to the time, place and preferences of the user.

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